The lies behind Apple’s encryption boasts: the FBI’s backdoors to the iPhone

Monday, September 28, 2015 by

Recently Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview to Charlie Rose that not only is Apple not looking at or storing users’ data, but their encryption is so strong not even they can break it! It turns out these boasts were all lies, and Apple devices are far more vulnerable than most unsuspecting users would be comfortable with knowing.

All the data is easily accessible by the FBI with the right pressure & warrants. To start, every iPhone has a unique IMEI # which can be used identify and track a user if they are on a carrier network. The data on the phone to include iMessages can be hacked by breaking the 4 digit code by force, downloading the backup off of the iCloud or convincing the owner to unlock via fingerprint. At any time the FBI can simply go straight to Apple and demand any of the meta data of a user, under the boisterous threat of holding their company directly responsible for the the crime being purported.

And this is just the iPhone, do we really have any idea what life under the smart grid is going to look like if these are already the admitted privacy vulnerabilities? Now with the NSA and the IRS, it’s becoming painfully clear that unless you physically take your privacy into your own hands, it simply will not exist in the future.

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