More PROOF the FBI conspired with the Clintons to cover up their crimes

Tuesday, October 04, 2016 by

The evidence is clear: The FBI has been completely politicized during the current administration, and it’s going to be difficult for the nation’s top federal law enforcement agency to ever earn back its once-stellar reputation. And who is to blame, you ask.  None other than President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other top democrats.

As reported by Zero Hedge, a letter that has just been released by the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, apparently the FBI struck secret side agreements with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson allowing them to destroy their “laptops after concluding its search.”

Mills has been a top aide, protector and lieutenant for both Bill and Hillary Clinton for decades.  Most recently she served alongside Mrs. Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State, when she became the focus of an FBI investigation for mishandling classified information via a private server she set up in her home in Chappaqua, New York.

In the letter, Goodlatte inquired as to why the department and the bureau would permit the destruction of laptops that were used to sort Clinton’s emails as part of immunity deals that had already been struck, protecting Mills and Samuelson from any prosecution based on records found on their computers. What the public is also learning is that, according to those immunity agreements, FBI agents had to limit their searches to documents that were written before January 2015.

Goodlatte argued that those ridiculous parameters prevented FBI investigators from analyzing potential proof that there had been destruction of evidence – a crime in and of itself – that took place after the January 2015 date, and that deals already offered to Mills and Samuelson protected them from any prosecution related to any alleged deletion of subpoenaed emails.

“Like many things about this case, these new materials raise more questions than answers,” Goodlatte wrote of the “side agreements,” which lawmakers were allowed to read even though they had not yet been released in full to members of Congress, Zero Hedge noted.

Mills and Samuelson negotiated their immunity deals before they even turned over their laptops and they were subsequently destroyed, as we have now learned.

Looking through the letter it is difficult to ascertain as to why the FBI essentially granted immunity to just about every key player involved in this mess, leaving no room to apply any pressure on Clinton. Aides who were given “get out of jail free” cards have no incentive to be honest with investigators and implicate Clinton in anything.

So they didn’t. And guess what? The FBI decided not to recommend her prosecution, even though Director James Comey laid out in detail everything she did wrong (including what, for other lesser beings, would have led to some serious prison-time).

What’s more, it now appears as though the bureau was a co-conspirator in assuring that key evidence would be destroyed.

If you are an American who still believes that Clinton is not guilty – or worse, that she is but you don’t care because she belongs to the ‘right’ political party – you are contributing to our country’s eventual collapse. The fact is, we won’t survive as a viable nation, let alone a superpower, if the rule of law does not apply to all of our citizens equally.



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