Obama handed over the Internet to a global monopoly that could be intercepted by terrorists

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 by

Much to the chagrin of many old fashioned individuals, the internet has become a significant part of the way we all live our lives. We use it to consume entertainment, socialize with others, educate ourselves and catch up on the news. Even those that claim to have an issue with its existence still utilize the internet on a daily basis. It has become such an integral part of American society that it is difficult to survive without it.

One of the major reasons that those of us who love the internet have such a connection with it is due to the fact that it is completely unregulated, allowing for a free exchange of ideas without much fear of negative consequences. Unfortunately, that fear has grown considerably in recent months, as the potential for a free internet being destroyed has gotten much more likely here lately.

Just recently the federal government of the United States handed over control of the internet by allowing its 47-year-old contract expire. Now a global monopoly controls it, allowing the entire internet to potentially be intercepted by terrorist forces. Of course, the mainstream media isn’t reporting on any of this, even though it could — and very likely will — have devastating consequences in the long run.

The Daily Sheeple reports, “With the lapse of the contract, the U.S. fulfilled its objective to ‘privatize’ the Internet — something proponents claim would help bolster its integrity around the world. As the Internet rapidly expanded around the planet, many felt U.S. oversight anachronistic.”

There’s no denying that the United States overlooking such an important decision is completely laughable and even outrageous. We all use the internet daily and for extremely important reasons. There’s no justifiable reason that laziness or oversight on such an important issue should go unnoticed by the American people. We all need to know just how ridiculous they have gotten. We need to see firsthand how little they care about protecting the country at large.

Oddly enough, the best way to exchange these ideas is by utilizing the internet to its fullest extent. Read alternative media sources and utilize social media networks to promote the truth instead of ingesting the same old tired “journalism” from those in the mainstream. They are lying to us in order to make their beloved federal government look better and better while their behavior becomes worse and worse.

It’s time to wake up, folks.






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