Google doesn’t have the right to shut down Natural News and Infowars

Does the private status of companies like Google and Facebook give them the right to attack alternative news sites such as and Alex Jones’s Infowars under the guise of combating “fake news”?

Some might argue that under the tenets of capitalism, Google and Facebook are private services that people can choose to use or not, and as such these companies may also write their own rules regarding what content meets their standards for advertising, publishing or search result inclusion.

From The Daily Bell:

“By portraying itself as a private company, Google can do as it chooses, when attacking companies that don’t live up to its standards from an advertising point of view.

“It can help cut off companies that don’t properly advertise according to the Google rule book. The rule book is general and vague. But Google is supposedly a private company so it really doesn’t matter. Google can do pretty much as it wants. And so can Facebook.”

But, as The Daily Bell points out, Google really isn’t a private company, and neither is  Facebook.

In fact, both companies were funded from the start with seed money from the intelligence community.

Investigative journalism project Insurge Intelligence was the first to break the story regarding the connection between Google’s inception and the CIA and NSA. published a two-part story detailing the intelligence community’s involvement in the creation of Google and its motivation for doing so, titled “How the CIA made Google: Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet.”

From the introduction to Part One:

“[T]he United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first among a plethora of private sector start-ups co-opted by U.S. intelligence to retain ‘information superiority.’”

It’s a fascinating read with implications reaching beyond the scope of this article, but the message is clear: that Google cannot be regarded as a private company, but instead as an intelligence-gathering and propaganda-disseminating tool created by and for the intelligence community.

And the same goes for Facebook, which was indirectly funded by seed money from the CIA through PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel:

“Thiel invested $500,000 into Facebook but supposedly this was a CIA investment. Thiel is very close to the CIA. His company Palantir, supposedly worth some $20 billion, runs secret algorithms for the CIA and other intel agencies.”

So when Google and Facebook decide to go after and, they are not acting as private companies but rather doing the bidding of their intelligence community handlers.

This is clear evidence that we are indeed seeing the rise of a corporate fascist state in which the masses are subjugated through the control of information. In the digital age there are far broader opportunities for mass surveillance of the public and for the manipulation of their opinions.

But independent media poses a threat to the status quo.

Natural News, Infowars and other sites that encourage the free flow of unbiased, non-corporate or government-sponsored information are now under attack from the information-controlling corporate monopolies that were created by the intelligence community.

The high-level brinksmanship between the various intelligence agencies, their corporate media minions and the new White House administration may be leading up to an explosive and dangerous political confrontation.

The recent WikiLeaks revelations regarding the extent of the CIA’s intrusive cyber hacking activities – which include the hacking of phones, laptops and even smart TVs – will undoubtedly only add more fuel to the fire in terms of the invasion of privacy debate.

The important thing to realize right now is that alternative media sites like and are not the enemies of democracy and free speech – it is the intelligence community-controlled corporate mass media outlets, search engines, and social networks that pose the real threat to our so-called free society.


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