Rice unmasking scandal: What does Obama know about all of this and why isn’t the “mainstream” media asking?

The unmasking of American citizens for partisan political purposes by former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice, who was reportedly assisted in the operation by deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes – which, if true, is the biggest political scandal to hit the White House in decades – has now drawn attention from Congress, as it should.

Lawmakers – well, Republican lawmakers, because Democrats aren’t interested in seeing their former president and some of his closest aides wind up in legal trouble – are looking for answers from Rice about what she did, why she did it, and who else is involved. She is defiant, of course, denying all allegations. It’s not likely she’ll ever have to answer a single question before a congressional committee, but we’ll see (answering questions from the FBI is a different story, however).

But you know who isn’t being asked about this? Barack Obama.

As far as I can tell, not one media outlet has bothered to call up the former president and get his take on all of this. Not one lawmaker appears ready to call Obama in to provide testimony – under oath – about his role in all of this. (RELATED: So-called ‘mainstream media’ ignoring biggest White House scandal since Watergate because…Democrats)

Oh, I know, doing that would be “unprecedented.” But isn’t what Rice, Rhodes and perhaps even Obama are being accused of doing concerning spying on Team Trump unprecedented?

We live in unprecedented times.

If Susan Rice and Barack Obama conspired to politicize the U.S. intelligence apparatus to spy on Team Trump and illegally unmask the identities of American citizens, wouldn’t that be the most explosive story in decades? Sure… sure it would. Wouldn’t you also think that the media would be covering it? Sure… sure you would.

But then why isn’t CNN reporting on it, and why is the establishment media paying no attention to Rice’s actions and instead just giving her a forum to deny what she so obviously did?

Because they’re playing their assigned role, serving as the Pretorian guard of Democrats and Democratic administrations. If you still believe that these folks are “unbiased” and “only interested in the truth,” seriously, I have some beachfront property in Wyoming to sell you.

CNN’s Don Lemon even went so far as to claim that he won’t be covering the Rice story because it’s “fake news” being pushed by “right wing outlets.” The hypocrisy (you’re a Left-wing hack, Don) and stupidity of that statement are boundless.

Trump’s tweeted claim that he was surveilled by the Obama administration has already been vindicated; Mike Flynn’s name was unmasked (and then leaked); so was Paul Manafort’s name, Roger Stone and one other ancillary Trump figure. Those names had to have come from intel community surveillance. Then they had to have been purposely unmasked for them to be leaked.

This is the biggest White House scandal perhaps in the history of our country, but pretend “journalists” like Don Lemon (though he’s far from the only one in the hack media) want you to believe that nothing has happened.

When George W. Bush did something very similar to this the same media that is now ignoring the Rice revelations excoriated him for it (and rightly so – he was wrong). He authorized the NSA to conduct widespread surveillance on Americans – a blatant violation of the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and U.S. Code.

But when it comes to protecting Democratic administrations, well, then, the rules have to change. “Cover up. Circle the wagons. Point fingers at the process, not the substance. And lie your rear ends off.” (RELATED: Obama Officials Caught Red-Handed In Most Explosive Abuse Of Power In U.S. History… Bigger Than Watergate… Is Susan Rice Going To Prison?)

That’s what Saul Alinsky would do. And Joseph Goebbels.

Just know that whenever you turn on one of these outlets (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc.) or read the Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, etc., they are purposely trying to mislead you regarding the Rice story.

That is, if they bother covering it at all.

Obama was their demigod. Hillary was to be his anointed successor, and they are ticked off that a) Trump is dismantling Obama’s socialist legacy and; b) pantsuit couldn’t even generate enough electoral enthusiasm and support to beat a billionaire who had a hit reality TV show and appeared on WWE broadcasts numerous times.

They will never forget that. And they will never be honest when it comes to Trump coverage, period.

That’s why Obama will never be asked a single question, under oath, about his role in any of this.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.




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